Solar energy panels

Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)

The Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program is for renewable generation projects larger than 10 kilowatts.

Hydro Ottawa will work with generators to connect their project to our distribution system, whenever it is technically feasible. The generator is responsible for all connection-related costs, including any related protection equipment to ensure the safety of themselves, the general public and Hydro Ottawa employees, as well as the security of the electrical distribution system.

The following is an overview of the requirements and processes that apply to connecting generation within Hydro Ottawa's service area. The complete process and associated documents can be found in Hydro Ottawa's Conditions of Service.

The generator is responsible for the safety, design, construction, operation, metering, protection, control, and maintenance of your generating facility.

You must contact all applicable agencies and obtain the required approvals before connection is permitted. In addition, you must also ensure that all necessary submissions and agreements are completed and any required payments have been made to Hydro Ottawa. It is recommended that an experienced consultant be enlisted to assist you through the connection process.

How can my FIT generation project get connected to the electricity grid?

As a first step, please review the Hydro Ottawa connection process information, technical requirements, forms and agreements provided here.

It is anticipated that the Generator will also have researched the FIT Program details available on the IESO FIT website at

When the Generator has reviewed the Hydro Ottawa connection information and developed an installation plan for their project, they are to contact Hydro Ottawa by email at or 613-738-5499 extension 7312 to start the connection process. The first step is usually to obtain connection information for your project as required for the IESO FIT application.

If you wish, an optional face to face meeting may be arranged to discuss issues of mutual interest early in the Generator's development of the project.

If the Generator has received an Offer of Contract from the IESO and decides to proceed with the project, the Generator is advised to read the Instructions for Completing the Connection Impact Assessment prior to submitting the Connection Impact Assessment Application and Agreement. The application should be submitted with payment and a single line electrical diagram to initiate the Connection Impact Assessment (CIA). The cost of the Connection Impact Assessment varies with the size of the generation facility as detailed on the Instructions for Completing the Connection Impact Assessment and the Connection Impact Assessment Application and Agreement.

After the CIA is complete, the scope of work required to connect the new generation can be developed and an Engineering Estimate of the cost of connection to Hydro Ottawa's distribution system can be prepared.

Once agreement on the scope, cost and timing are reached, the Generator is required to sign a Connection Cost Recovery Agreement and the Generator will be provided with an Offer to Connect. At this point, detailed design and construction of additions or modification to Hydro Ottawa's distribution system may begin.

An Electrical Operation and Maintenance Agreement with Hydro Ottawa will be required prior to connection.

Please Note: There may be constraints in Hydro Ottawa's grid system which prevent you from connecting your project to the grid. Accordingly, commencement of construction, prior to all required approvals, is at your own risk.