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The micro Feed-In-Tariff (microFIT) program provides eligible participants with the opportunity to develop a "micro" renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts or less in size) on their property.

Under this program, you will be paid a fixed price over a 20 year term (40 years for waterpower projects) for the electricty you produce and deliver to the province's electricity grid. 


When applying to participate in the microFIT Program, you should be aware of several key steps before planning for the development of a project and submitting an application. Most importantly, you are solely responsible for monitoring the status of your application carefully through your My microFIT homepage and ensuring you meet all deadlines.

The microFIT Rules provide detailed information about the requirements at each step in the process. You will learn about the process for developing a renewable energy project, eligibility criteria for applicants, domestic content requirements, and the price your project will receive.

The Eligible Participant Schedule and microFIT Contract will allow you to determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements.

The microFIT Registration Instructions and the microFIT Application Instructions provide further information on how to register and apply to the program.

Please refer to the IESO's website to access all microFIT Program documents. You can also call 1-877-387-3403 to learn more about the program.


You must first register for the microFIT Program online in order to prepare and submit an application. You will create their own unique user name and password. Please be sure to keep a copy of this information as it will be needed throughout the application (and contract) period to access your information.

Once registered, you will submit an application online through your My microFIT homepage and be issued a reference number when an application is submitted. The application status at this step is "Submitted".

The IESO will perform a review of the application to confirm that it is complete and all required information has been provided.

If an application passes the completeness review, the IESO will confirm whether sufficient capacity remains within the annual procurement target. If there is sufficient capacity, the application's status will be set to "Pending LDC Offer to Connect."


At this stage, and once a reference number has been provided to you by the Independent Electricity System Operator, you must apply to Hydro Ottawa through our online web based Connection Request form within 30 days of the application status being set to "Pending LDC Offer to Connect" by the IESO. If Hydro Ottawa does not notify the IESO within 30 days that you have requested a Connection Request, the application will be terminated. No extensions will be granted.

Before an "Offer to Connect" is secured, Hydro Ottawa will schedule a site visit and confirm that it has available distribution capacity. A Single Line Diagram will be requested following the site visit pending available capacity. The construction details and meter base wiring drawings have been provided for your information. Please ensure that the diagram is complete and has the proper information in the title block for each location.

No. Drawing Title Rev
ECG0015 Distributed Generation Secondary Commercial Service < 500 kW Single Phase and >10kW Three Phase - Single Line Diagram 5
ECG0011 Microfit DG (10kW & Less) Single Phase Parallel Generator Connection to Overhead System - Construction Detail 1
ECG0013 Microfit DG (10kW & Less) Single Phase Parallel Generator Connection to Underground System - Construction Detail 1
MCS0053 Single Phase 120/240V Micro Generator Wiring Detail - Parallel Metering 1
MCS0075 Distribution Generation Outdoor Secondary Equipment Installation < 200A - Construction Detail 0
MCS0088 Upgrade – Existing 120V/240V 1-PH, 3-Wire, 400A Residential Service to Combination Base Load Displacement using Net Metering - Construction Detail 0

If you have any questions please contact our Service Desk at 613-738-6400.

Following the site visit, Hydro Ottawa will provide you with a service layout for the proposed connection. The service layout will include a cost estimate for the connection of your project to our distribution system. Once Hydro Ottawa receives payment of the cost estimate, the "Offer to Connect" process is considered complete and Hydro Ottawa will then inform the IESO that Hydro Ottawa has granted customer the "Offer to Connect".


If Hydro Ottawa has issued an Offer to Connect within the required timeframe and all other microFIT Program eligibility requirements have been met, the IESO will issue an Application Approval Notice. Once the Application Approval Notice has been issued, the status will be set to "Pending Connection." An application will be terminated if Hydro Ottawa denies a request for an Offer to Connect or if the Offer to Connect is not obtained in the required timeframe.

CAUTION: Any work, such as equipment purchase or start of construction, prior to paying the cost estimate charges and receiving ALL required approvals up to and, if applicable, including an "APPLICATION APPROVAL NOTICE" from the Independent Electricity System Operator is AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Install your project ONLY on confirmed receipt of an Application Approval Notice from the Independent Electricity System Operator.


Hydro Ottawa encourages all microFIT customers carry appropriate insurance coverage on their generating systems.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) also recommends microFIT customers carry insurance as a risk management best practice, and the Independent Electricity System Operator’s website includes information on insurance requirements.

You are encouraged to contact their insurance broker or company to determine the appropriate insurance requirements for their generating system.


All customers connected to Hydro Ottawa’s electricity distribution system have an implied contract with us. The terms and conditions of this implied contract include Hydro Ottawa’s Conditions of Service, the Ontario Energy Board’s Rate Handbook, Hydro Ottawa’s rates and charges, Hydro Ottawa’s Distribution Licence and the Ontario Energy Board’s Distribution System Code. These terms and conditions apply regardless of your participation in any generation program.

Following the installation of your project, you will be required to call Hydro Ottawa's Service Desk at 613-738-6400 to schedule an appointment for the connection of your project to our electricity distribution system.


If you receive an application approval notice, you must obtain an Electricity Safety Authority Connection Authorization within 180 days.

The ESA Guideline for Inverter Based Micro Generating Facility outlines the applicable safety requirements. Contact the Electrical Safety Authority to arrange for an electrical inspection of the installation.

Generation projects that are not properly installed or connected without Hydro Ottawa's knowledge may pose a danger to you and Hydro Ottawa personnel.

Hiring a qualified contractor will ensure that your generation is installed safely and the technical requirements of your project are met. When your microFIT Project is connected to Hydro Ottawa's distribution system, Hydro Ottawa will provide the IESO with the connection details, including project-specific information and the date the project was physically connected to the distribution system.


The IESO will offer you a microFIT Contract once Hydro Ottawa has completed the connection of the microFIT Project to its distribution system. Once a microFIT Contract is offered, the application's status on the My microFIT Home Page will be set to "Contract Offered". You must accept the contract offer on the application's My microFIT Home Page.

Payment and Fee Structure

Once you have accepted your contract, you will receive regular monthly payments from Hydro Ottawa on behalf of the Independent Electricity System Operator.

Hydro Ottawa's current billing system for paying microFIT generators is reflected in a monthly billing cycle beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. A statement and cheque will be mailed in the month following your last day of generation.

There are a number of associated fees with a generation account.

Fees that may be charged in connection to your inverter include Electricity, Delivery, Regulatory and Debt Retirement charges.

If you have any questions in respect to the microFIT program, please call 613-738-6400, option 3. We are happy to assist you in your efforts to secure a microFIT contract.

This is the last year that the Independenet Electricity System Operator (IESO) will accept applications for the microFIT Program. The IESO will accept applications under the microFIT Program up to and including Thursday, December 28, 2017, or until the 50 MW procurement target is reached. 

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