Time-of-Use (Business)

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Interactive Time-of-Use Bill

Download the terms and conditions found on the back of every bill.

Regulatory Charges are the costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid.<br><br>The Smart Meter Entity charge recovers the costs of developing and implementing the Province’s central data repository that stores, processes and manages hourly electricity consumption data for smart meters. Hydro Ottawa collects this charge and passes it through without mark-up, to the Independent Electricity System Operator. This charge will remain in effect until December 31, 2022.Here you will find your 20-digit account number. Please ensure that this entire number (as it appears) is used for payment purposes.To calculate total consumption, Hydro Ottawa subtracts the <b>previous</b> meter reading from the <b>current</b> readingThis is the <b>previous</b> meter reading to calculate the electricity used (the end reading of the previous service period)This is the amount of electricity you used in kilowatt-hours (kWh).This box will tell you what amount needs to be paid. If you are enrolled in an automated payment plan “Bank Debit” will appear instead of “Amount Due”. If you have a credit balance, it will read “Credit Balance.”To avoid interest charges, Hydro Ottawa must receive your payment on or before the due date on your bill. It is important to allow sufficient time for your payment to be received and processed, by taking into account the time required for payment to be transferred from your financial institution or to be delivered by mail.The date when your bill was generated.The Ontario Electricity Rebate (“ORE”) applies to customers’ bills effective November 1, 2019 and reduces the pre-HST amount of the bill. The ORE largely replaces the Fair Hydro Plan adjustments to the price of electricity.Balance carried forward from previous bill.Payment applied to your account since your previous bill.This is the cost of the electricity supplied to you during a billing period.<br><br>You have the option of buying your electricity through the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) at a regulated price per kilowatt hour (kWh). RPP prices are reviewed and adjusted twice a year, once in the summer (May 1) and once in the winter (November 1).<br><br>You are automatically part of the RPP unless you choose to purchase your electricity from an electricity retailer. If you buy your electricity under contract with an electricity retailer, the price you pay for the electricity that you use is set out in the electricity contract.<br><br>Hydro Ottawa collects this money and pays this amount directly to our suppliers.The Off-Peak period is in effect when the demand for electricity is lowest. Prices are lowest between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., weekends, and on holiday.The Mid-Peak period is in effect when the demand for electricity is moderate. The Mid-Peak period varies depending on the season (winter or summer).The On-Peak period is in effect when demand is highest. When we all use electricity at the same time, we create a ‘peak’ demand. On-Peak hours and rates vary depending on the season (winter or summer).Charges on the bill are subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).Your account history information includes a breakdown of your average Time-of-Use electricity consumption.It is very important to read the messaging that appears in this box. For example, it may include information about rate changes or your electricity retailer’s name and phone number if you have signed a contract.