Powerline maintainer working on hydro lines in a bucket

Station transformation in Leitrim

Hydro Ottawa owns and operates a network of more than 90 substations and 5,580 km of overhead lines and underground cable – that’s about the distance from New York to London, England! This amount of aging equipment, along with increasing electricity demands, means we have to continually monitor, maintain and upgrade our assets.

One of these assets is our Leitrim substation. We’re upgrading it to enhance reliability in the Findlay Creek, Hawthorne Industrial Park area and the southeast portion of our service territory.

In this video, you’ll see a transformer being moved by a crane and large flatbed truck from the site. This transformer was temporarily at the Leitrim facility to provide back-up support after the site’s original transformer failed.

Now, we’re in the process of constructing a new, permanent second transformer at the substation to increase the load capacity and improve reliability to support the construction and residential builds in the area.

These kinds of projects are quite large; usually a year or so in construction. We’re anticipating the new transformer to be active this fall.

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