Image of a summer student delivering their Student Apprentice presentation

Summer Student Program

The application process for our 2019 Summer Student Program is now closed.

Thank you to all that applied!

Hydro Ottawa's workforce grows by 10% each summer with students joining us in all areas of the business to help make a difference to our customers.

Our Summer Student Program offers post-secondary students with an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable work experience by building on their existing knowledge and skills. Direct supervisors mentor students throughout the summer, helping them learn about the ins and outs of the industry, the company, and the division they are working in.

We believe that our summer students bring great value to Hydro Ottawa, not only through their skills, but also through their fresh eyes and unique perspectives about the company. This is why we host the “Student Apprentice,” a day that puts students in front of our Executive  Management Team with an opportunity to share their ideas on how to make Hydro Ottawa a more productive and innovative company.

We see our Summer Student Program as great way to help prepare students for their careers, while bringing fresh talent to Hydro Ottawa.

“Working at Hydro Ottawa has been an extraordinary experience. I was lucky enough to be coached and mentored from the very start of my placement and I have learned so much. I was assigned valuable projects and was positively acknowledged for my contributions to my team. I am so happy I decided to work here. I feel like I will bring so much knowledge to the classroom when I go back to school in the fall.”

“I enjoyed everything about the Summer Student Program. The orientation and Student Apprentice are a great way for us to get to know other summer students and learn about the Hydro Ottawa company. I really like how the company values our opinions and utilizes our skills. It feels great to feel like we are an important part. Keep up the great program!”

“My overall experience working here at Hydro Ottawa has been exceptional.  I got the chance to put my knowledge and skills of the electrical field into real world work.  The people in the metering department were fantastic to work with and get to know.”

“This has been a valuable learning experience that will lend itself well to my future career.  The main thing I noticed about working here is that everyone is very friendly and willing to help out when they can.”