Hydro Ottawa crew installing an underground cable as part of the LRT project

Light Rail Transit Project

The City of Ottawa is currently implementing phase one of its light rail transit (LRT) system, Confederation Line. This transit line will move riders from Blair Road in the east to Tunney’s Pasture in the west beginning in 2018.

Hydro Ottawa is supporting the City’s LRT project, both ensuring the proper infrastructure is in place to provide the necessary electricity supply for the trains, as well as relocating existing infrastructure in order to accommodate LRT track and facilities.

  • In 2014, Hydro Ottawa relocated an existing overhead power line across Highway 417, in order to allow for the planned LRT track, and connect the LRT Maintenance and Storage Facility to the electricity supply. This facility will be the location for the assembly, cleaning, inspection, maintenance, washing and storage of the City’s light rail vehicles. It will be integral to the Confederation Line even before the system is in operation.

  • Hydro Ottawa has also carried out three separate system expansion projects in support of the LRT project. This work was undertaken to extend electrical supply to the LRT Maintenance and Storage Facility, as well as two future LRT stations.

While this work is being driven by the current LRT supply needs, Hydro Ottawa is investing in installing sufficient excess capacity at this time to permit for required system growth in the foreseeable future.

For updates on the City’s LRT project, customers can visit ottawalightrail.ca, or contact the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1.

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