Close cropped images of a ceiling fan, power bar with timer and LED bulb

In-School Presentations

Whether your students are interested in learning about the importance of electrical safety and conservation or renewable energy, Hydro Ottawa sponsors two informative and dynamic educational programs for kindergarten and elementary school students within our service territory.

Kids know how essential those wall sockets in their homes are – not just for powering up their gadgets and devices, but for the refrigerator, television, lamps and much more to function. Whether kids understand the science of electricity or not, Hydro Ottawa is committed to providing youth with important information about electricity through in-school presentations and various other resources including quizzes, games and fun facts.

Electrical Safety and Conservation

Electricity Safety and Conservation specialists offer two age-appropriate presentations that are suitable for Kindergarten to grade 4 and grades 5 through 8.

Relay Education

Relay Education presenters make science fun by exploring the world of energy through hands-on workshops where students become engineers – building wind turbines and solar energy systems.