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How do I report a power outage, or find out details about an ongoing power outage?

To report a power outage, please call Hydro Ottawa’s 24 hour power outage line at (613)738-0188. Updates to an already reported outage can be obtained from the power outage line, or through our online power outage map.

Does Hydro Ottawa offer a pre-authorized Credit Card payment option?

Hydro Ottawa offers Pre-Authorized payments through your bank account. While Credit Card payments are accepted through MasterCard, they are a one-time payment option at this time. Electricity bill payments made using a credit card are subject to a service fee of $5.95 per transaction. The maximum amount per transaction is $275.00, not including the fee. Multiple transactions are permitted. MasterCard is the only accepted credit card.

I am in the process of preparing my yearly tax return, am I able to obtain a copy of my Financial Statements from last year?

Billing and Consumption data is available through MyHydroLink free of charge for up to two years worth of data. Hydro Ottawa is able to send bill copies, or other financial reports, however there is a fee to prepare and send these documents.

I’m planning on moving later this year, how soon do I need to notify Hydro Ottawa?

To ensure that there are no problems Hydro Ottawa asks that you notify us at least 10 days prior to opening, or closing an account.

Can my service be disconnected for non-payment during the winter season?

Hydro Ottawa may disconnect an account for an arrears balance during the winter months. In some cases Hydro Ottawa may elect to install a timer, or load limiter in place of a full disconnection.

Can I make a payment in person at your office?

Hydro Ottawa does not have a payment office to accept payments in person. We do, however, offer many other options to allow you to make simple, on-time payments.

If your account is at risk of disconnection, to ensure your account is not disconnected please submit your payment at a financial institution, and forward the receipt (proof of payment) by fax: 613-738-5481 or by email:

Can Hydro Ottawa help me with my hot water tank rental inquiry?

Hydro Ottawa is contracted by Reliance Home Comfort to provide Billing and administrative support. If you are being charged for a hot water tank rental on your Hydro Ottawa bill please contact Reliance Home Comfort at 613-738-2300.