Powerline Technician Diploma Program

At Hydro Ottawa, we’re proud of our award-winning partnership with Algonquin College in the delivery of a two-year Powerline Technician Diploma Program. 

Training is our passion, and we’re invested in shaping the next generation of talent within the electricity sector. 

This partnership offers students one of the most unique learning opportunities in the province. While Algonquin College’s experienced instructors deliver academic components of the curriculum, our employees provide practical instruction at our facilities that helps students learn the trade by doing it with their own hands. Students enrolled in the Powerline Technician Diploma Program develop the necessary skills to design, plan, construct and maintain electrical distribution lines – and they learn it from journeypersons who have spent their careers honing their expertise at Hydro Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa hires exclusively from the Powerline Technician Diploma Program to fill our positions for Powerline Maintainer Apprentices and Cable Jointer Apprentices.

“Our students from the Powerline Technician diploma program have the perfect environment to learn their trade. Through a partnership between Algonquin College and Hydro Ottawa, the students get the privilege to learn and practice their skills with professionals working in the industry. The training provided by Hydro Ottawa is as realistic as students can expect while going to school. This rich environment has enhanced the way we teach our students. It is a great way to learn!”
Algonquin College

For more information on the Algonquin Powerline Technician program, and on how to apply, visit Algonquin College’s website.

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