Community Campaign

Since 2015, Hydro Ottawa and the CHEO Foundation have partnered on the ‘Go Paperless’ annual campaigns. This partnership is an exceptional example of how a company and a charity can work together to their mutual benefit, while making a deep and lasting community contribution.

Through this campaign, Hydro Ottawa donates $5 to the CHEO Foundation for every customer that registers for our online billing service and/or one of our automated payment plans. The funds raised during the campaigns support the purchase of much needed medical equipment or specialized services. It is a program designed to encourage more of our customers to adopt our paperless services.

The funds raised during the ‘Go Paperless’ campaign in 2015 contributed toward the Max Keeping Fund for Kids and the Through the 2016 campaign raised funds for new (and paperless) patient monitors. In 2017, we raised funds for the purchase of an echocardiography machine, a critical piece of equipment for the care of the tiny preterm babies admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Funds raised in 2018 supported CHEO’s support services aimed at helping children play and socialize during appointments and longer stays in the hospital. And finally, in 2019, Hydro Ottawa helped the CHEO Foundation replace aging ambulatory blood pressure monitors for its Dialysis Unit and to purchase BiliBlankets for newborn babies. Since the start of the partnership, Hydro Ottawa has raised a total of $471,310 for CHEO.

Online billing is convenient, easy to use and completely secure, not to mention environmentally friendly.

This campaign is another way we contribute to our community in which we live and work – which has always been part of our mission.

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