Hawthorne Underground Conversion Project

November 2023 - January 2024

The City of Ottawa is renewing aging infrastructure and revitalizing the right of way in the northern section of Old Ottawa East. As part of this project, Hydro Ottawa will be upgrading our electricity distribution system.

At the request of the City, Hydro Ottawa will be undergrounding the existing overhead wires along Hawthorne Road, between Colonel By Drive and Main Street. New concrete encased duct structure will be installed under both sidewalks, with new service conduits to each property. An easement will be provided in the park on the north side of Hawthorne Road for the new electrical infrastructure. This work will be coordinated with the City's contractor and schedule. The City will complete the civil work on Hydro Ottawa’s behalf.

What will this project include 

  • Removal of eight (8) hydro poles and overhead lines
  • Installation of concrete encased ducts in the roadway 
  • Installation of switchgear, conduits and transformers in the park
  • Excavation for trench and bedding preparation

Why we are moving forward with this project

This project is in support of the City of Ottawa’s Hawthorne Road rehabilitation project. The new underground network will provide greater reliability and protection from weather and other external events that could cause unplanned outages.

Stay informed! Visit the City of Ottawa’s dedicated Greenfield Avenue, Main Street, Hawthorne Avenue reconstruction webpage.

Map of Hawthorne Underground Conversion Project


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