Public Information Session - General FAQs


Q. How is Hydro Ottawa ensuring the safety of staff and residents during COVID-19?

A. Hydro Ottawa crews practice social distancing where possible between teams that are on the project site.  Where not possible, all members of the crew will be wearing masks.  Hydro Ottawa residents are encouraged to remain socially distanced if approaching crews to ask questions.


Q. Is this work being completed considered essential?

A. Yes, this work is essential as Hydro Ottawa is required to replace all aging equipment once it reaches the end of life.  


Q. I am/I have a person that requires critical care equipment during a scheduled power outage.  Who do I speak with about this?

A. Please contact our customer service team at 613 738-6400. Customer service will be able to provide assistance and the form, as well as instructions on next steps to ensure your residents are noted on the account.  This does not mean that you will not lose power, but that alternate arrangements can be made.


Q.     What is an easement?

A.     Your property may contain a Hydro Ottawa easement. This easement is a legal right of access for Hydro Ottawa to a portion of your property for the purpose of installing and maintaining its electrical distribution system. It is vital that easements be kept clear to permit access to the equipment that supplies you and your neighbours with electricity.


Q.     What is the City’s Road Right-of-Way allowance?

A.     “Right-of-Way” or “Road Right-of-Way” or “Road Allowance” means, generally, the band of land between private property lines that has been set aside by a government for public use and access for the purpose of travel, or utility use and access, for example, traffic signs, traffic signals, and utility services.


Q.     How will I know if my property will be affected?

A.     A map which shows the location of the poles or transformers is available for review. Pole/Cable replacement involves excavating and replacing existing poles or transformers/cable  located on your street.


Q.     Will I be notified before work begins in my yard?

A.     Yes. If your property is impacted, Hydro Ottawa will notify you before work begins. For planned power interruptions, we will contact you via mail and/or email, phone or text, depending on the contact information we have for your account.


Q. How do I get notifications for outages via email or text?

A. Please be sure to visit MyAccount and update your contact information and preferences for notifications.


Q. Will there be power outages during the work?

A. Power outages are expected to occur during the project. Residents impacted by an outage will be notified by email/SMS/phone before the scheduled outage. Residents will also receive written notification by letter.

There will be an outage scheduled for each transformer impacted by this work; a total of 11 are listed for this project.  Each replacement can take up to the full business day, impacting approximately 10 customers at a time, however; Hydro Ottawa will make every effort to ensure that each outage is completed in the shortest amount of time possible. Notifications for the scheduled outages will be provided to all impacted residents by phone/text/email no later than 48 hours ahead of the outage.  As well, a written letter will be delivered to the impacted homes no later than 5 business days prior to the outage.


Q: Will there be any tree trimming required?

A:         At this time, there is no tree trimming required for the scheduled work.

Q.         Will any trees be affected?

A.     Trees along existing Hydro corridors are maintained regularly (minimum of once every 3 years). Tree trimming has been completed for this project. Changes to the overhead pole line may necessitate additional trimming to minimize outages caused by tree contact during stormy weather.


Q. What about the trees and my cedar hedge?

A.     Vegetation such as hedges and trees may also have to be removed if they impede access to our        equipment, within Hydro Ottawa’s easement.


Q.     Can I keep my vegetation?

A.     Yes. You may remove and/or transplant your vegetation. When planning this work it is important to maintain a safe distance between any overhead or underground electrical equipment. Before you dig, please call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 and refer to Hydro Ottawa’s ‘Tree Planting Advice’ brochure.


Q.    What will happen to the excavated area once your work is completed?

A.     The area will be brought back to finished grade with top soil and grass seed applied. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the restoration work, including the proper development of grass. Hydro Ottawa attempts to remove all extra fill used to fill pole holes, however small amounts may be left in place when placing topsoil and seed. Plants should have no issues growing through this area.


Q.     How will the construction affect our neighbourhood?

A.     Residents will notice increased construction presence throughout the duration of the project, including excavation activities and construction vehicles. Traffic control will be implemented when required in order to ensure that roads remain accessible and safe to residents.

Underground (UG)

Q.     Where are the underground cables and transformers located?

A.     Hydro Ottawa’s equipment is located within our easements or the City of Ottawa’s Road Right-of-Way allowance. This may be located at the edge of your property or in your back and side yards. The new underground cables and transformers will be located in the approximate same location as the existing equipment.





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