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Starting on 3 August, 2021 Hydro Ottawa will be completing a project that includes pole installation and relocation as well as tree trimming along Farmers Way, Thunder Road and Hall Road. This project has an estimated completion date of November 5, 2021. Final reinstatement will be completed after this date.  Please note that Hydro Ottawa continues to follow the provincial directives surrounding COVID-19 and would like to confirm that this work has been deemed essential to providing a safe and reliable supply of power to our customers.

Understanding that this is a sensitive time with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with many residents working from home, we recognize that any construction activities and power outages can be very disruptive. Our goal with this work is to maintain the electricity system so we can prevent larger and longer unplanned outages from occurring in the future. 

Overall, this work will include:

  • Installation of new poles to support service to residents listed on the above streets;
  • The removal of aging poles and equipment  located on the above street; and
  • Tree trimming where required

Of note, Hydro Ottawa will be Installing 48 poles and removing 34 poles, impacting a total of 24 customers. Planned power outages will be necessary in order to complete this work. This may result in power outages of 8-10 hours and will impact 10-12 customers each time. Timing on this phase of the project will be communicated to you and all impacted customers ahead of time, once confirmed. 

You may notice increased construction presence throughout the project, including construction vehicles. Traffic control, lane reductions and sidewalk closures will be implemented throughout the project to ensure that roads and sidewalks remain safe and accessible to residents and staff. 

Power outages are expected to occur during the project. Residents will receive a written notice delivered to their door where applicable regarding the work being completed. Our qualified staff and contractors will conduct this work safely and efficiently, ensuring that any inconvenience is minimal.

Street: Farmers Way, Thunder Road and Hall Road

Project start date: August 3, 2021

Project end date: November 5 2021

Total customers impacted: 57

Contractor on site: Teraflex Construction


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