Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program Application

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Thank you for taking the first step to savings!

Program funding is fully subscribed

New applications will be placed on a waitlist should additional funding become available.

To join the waitlist, please complete the application process and submit all required documentation. Waitlisted applications will be processed in the order received, and funding will be prioritized to projects in Ottawa.

Step One: Get pre-approved

Before you purchase and install your equipment, we will need to pre-approve your application and will notify you by email of how much funding you qualify for.

Complete the application form to begin your pre-approval process. You will receive a follow-up email requesting the following documents:

  1. Quote/Estimate for the work (must include the location(s), total cost of the project(s), and the quantity and type of charger(s) to be installed)
  2. Equipment specification sheet(s) for all charging stations
  3. A signed Participant Agreement

Reply to the email received and attach the requested documents to complete your application submission. (Please verify your junk or spam folder for the email from us if you do not receive it.)

Complete applications with all required documentation will be placed on a waitlist to be processed should additional funding become available.

Should additional funding become available and your application is approved, you will receive an official pre-approval email from us. Your pre-approval will be valid for 90 days.

Step Two: Commit to the project within 90 Days

After you have received your official pre-approval email from us, you will have 90 days to secure your funding by providing your commitment to proceed with the work. This can be done by providing us with either a purchase order, a signed quote or an initial project invoice.

If we do not receive your documentation within 90 days, we reserve the right to withdraw your pre-approval and release the funding.

Step Three: Complete your project within one year

You will need to complete your project within one year from the date of receiving your pre-approval. 

Once your project is complete with all equipment in operation, you will need to provide the following supporting documentation to us by email:

  • All related invoice(s) confirming the project scope and cost
  • Proof that all invoices have been paid
  • Photos of the equipment in operation

Once we have reviewed and approved your supporting documents, your incentive application will be approved and a cheque will be mailed to you.

Have questions? Contact a program representative at [email protected] or by phone at 613-738-5474

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