Innes - Cable and Transformer Replacement Project

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End Date:

Hydro Ottawa is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and safety. To achieve this goal, we regularly evaluate, replace and upgrade equipment in your area – and across the region’s electrical distribution system.

Over the following weeks, Hydro Ottawa will be continuing the cable and transformer replacement project that is underway in the Beauséjour area. This work is necessary to ensure reliability of electricity supply in the area.

The construction of the new concrete encased ducts, installation of new underground electrical infrastructure and construction of four manholes is completed.

We will now move forward with the final phase of the project in early June which will consist of replacing approximately 50 padmount transformers. Once we have replaced the padmount transformers, Hydro Ottawa will move forward with the reinstatement work and bring the project to completion.

Each padmount transformers are an integral part of our electrical distribution system that can be vital to providing reliable electricity to several homes and in order to safely undertake their replacement, planned power interruptions will be required.

Hydro Ottawa crews in conjunction with K-Line Group and Bradley Kelly Construction will be working as quickly and safely as possible to minimize disruption. Hydro Ottawa crews and contractors will require access to front yard of premises where padmount transformers are located. All precautionary measures will be taken when accessing customer’s front yards and ensure social distancing and public health guidelines are respected for the safety of all.

You may notice increased construction presence throughout the duration of the project, including excavation activities and construction vehicles.

Traffic control may be implemented when required to ensure that roads and driveways remain safe and accessible to residents and staff. To minimize noise concerns, we will ensure that the majority of the work is completed weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Planned power interruptions are expected to occur as a result of this project, and affected residents will receive advance notification prior to any interruption affecting their premises. Our qualified staff and contractors will conduct this work safely and efficiently, ensuring that any inconvenience is minimal.

STREETS: Kamouraska Circle, Hartland Street, Boyer Road, Beauséjour Drive, Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard, Greywood Drive, Cedar Mills Road, Champneuf Drive, Westport Crescent, Zachary Street, Lunenberg Crescent, Verchere Street, Montcerf Court, Bremen Lane, Rodin Way, and Du Sommet Place