Innes - Planned Power Interruption

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End Date:

In early June, Hydro Ottawa undertook the final phase of the Beausejour project which consists of replacing approximately 50 padmount transformers.

Each padmount transformers are is an integral part of our electrical distribution system that can be vital to providing reliable and essential electricity service to several homes. In order to safely undertake the replacement of the padmount transformers, planned power interruptions will be required.

Hydro Ottawa plans to perform 2 transformer replacements per day that will require planned power interruptions of approximately 6 to 8 hours in duration.

Starting the week of June 29, 2020, and into July 2020, customers in the Beauséjour area will be impacted by power interruptions.

The below interruptions are scheduled to take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Date:                                June 29, 2020

Street:                              Vercheres Street

Impacted customers:    29

Date:                                 June 30, 2020

Street:                               Lunenberg Crescent

Impacted customers:    19

Date:                                 July 6, 2020

Street:                               Lunenberg Crescent

Impacted customer:       20

Date:                                 July 7, 2020

Streets:                             Westport Crescent, Zachary Street and Champneuf Drive

Impacted customers:    22

Date:                                 July 8, 2020

Street:                              Greywood Drive

Impacted customers:    26

Date:                                July 13, 2020

Streets:                            Cedar Mills Road and Greywood Road

Impacted customers:    31

Date:                                July 14, 2020

Street:                              Kamouraska Circle

Impacted customers:    25

Date:                                 July 15, 2020

Streets:                             Champneuf Drive, Boyer Road and Hartland Street

Impacted customers:    18

Impacted customers will be notified at least 72 hours prior to the power interruption taking place, by phone, text, email and/or written notice delivered to their door.

Once we have replaced the padmount transformers, Hydro Ottawa will move forward with the reinstatement work and bring this important project to completion.

Hydro Ottawa would like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for the patience and understanding throughout the delivery of this important project.