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Insurance Claims

Hydro Ottawa recognizes that the electricity we provide to our customers is an important service and we take our responsibility to provide reliable service to our customers very seriously.

Despite the degree of sophistication of our electricity distribution system, there remain many circumstances beyond our control that give rise to unexpected power interruptions and voltage variations. Hydro Ottawa does not guarantee a constant power supply or assurance that voltages and frequency will be unvaried.

Filing a Claim

If you have incurred damages related to power interruptions or voltage variations, you have the following options;

  1. You may submit a claim either through your home or business insurance;
  2. You may have your damaged item repaired or replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty; or
  3. You may send your letter of claim to Hydro Ottawa for our insurer’s consideration.
    • The letter of claim should describe the location and time of the occurrence, as well as the nature of the damage.
    • If available, copies of repair estimates or invoices related to the loss should be included with the letter of claim.

Once Hydro Ottawa has completed its investigation into the incident we will send a copy of the investigation report and a copy of your claim to our liability insurer. Each claim receives full consideration and is evaluated on an individual basis. Settlements are based solely on the basis of the presence or absence of legal liability.

Claims and all supporting documents should be sent to:

By Mail:

Hydro Ottawa
3025 Albion Rd N, PO Box 8700
Ottawa ON K1G 3S4


By Email: