A glowing standard 110 volt electric wall outlet recepticle

Safety Inside the Home

Electricity is used to power almost every appliance in most homes and buildings.

Two power bars
A person replacing the LED light bulb of a lamp
A flashlight and two batteries

It is incredibly useful, but can also be dangerous.

To ensure that you use electricity in a safe manner indoors, stay informed about safe practices, and familiarize yourself with potential hazards in your home.

Hazards at Home

There are a variety of signs that could point to electrical hazards in your home.

Home Electrical Systems

Let us help you understand the parts of the electricity distribution system that provide power to your home.

Electrical Appliances

To help prevent electrical hazards from arising in your home, consider using a variety of safety devices.

Safety Tips

Follow these electrical safety tips in and around your home to help ensure your safety and that of your family.