A Hydro Ottawa power line maintainer repairing power lines on a cold, winter day

Safety Outside the Home

Electrical equipment, such as power lines and hydro poles, is a common sight throughout the city.

In fact, this equipment is so familiar that most people don’t even notice it anymore.

However, electrical equipment, such as hydro poles and substations, can nonetheless be dangerous and it is important to take precautions when around it. It is also important to take note of best safety practices when there is the potential to come into contact with objects, such as trees, that are near power lines and when digging where there might be underground equipment.

A Hydro Ottawa power line maintainer working outside on a cold, winter day.
Tree branches covered in ice. A Hydro Ottawa power line maintainer climbs a hydro pole in the distant background.
A damaged vehicle parked near a fallen hydro pole.

It is incredibly useful, but can also be dangerous.

Familiarize yourself with safe practice around electrical equipment and always take note of potential electrical hazards when working outside.

Dig Safe

Know what’s below before you dig.

Overhead Clearance

It is important to stay safe around overhead power lines, as well as around all other electrical distribution system equipment.

Pools and Powerlines

If you plan to stay cool and make a splash with a new pool, there is information you need to be aware of and regulations that need to be followed.

Planting Trees

Careful consideration must be given to balance the need for electrical safety and a reliable supply of electricity with the interest we all share in maintaining and enhancing the urban forest canopy.


Overhead Clearances

Learn more about clearances for overhead power lines in our Build Smart, Build Safe brochure.


ESA clearance safety promotional image

Overhead powerline contact is still the leading cause of electrical-related deaths in Ontario.

Make sure to be safe and stay clear of all overhead and underground powerlines when working outside or doing household chores.