Install energy-efficient measures, and receive up to 50% of the project costs.

Retrofit Program

Receive up to 50% of project costs to replace existing, inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment and for installing new control systems that will improve your operational procedures and processes.

Experience the difference of LED lighting

Popular Equipment Upgrades

For commercial, institutional agricultural, and/or multi-residential facilities include the following equipment:

  • Lighting and Controls
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Unitary Air Conditioning
  • HVAC Systems
  • Chiller Systems
  • Motor and VFDs
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Sensors
  • Building Envelope
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Ventilation
  • Synchronous Belts
  • Compressed Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Pump Impeller Trimming

Incentive Options

Prescriptive incentives

Prescriptive applications are ideal for quick system upgrades.


Fixed incentive levels dependent on system upgrades or installed equipment.


Fixed incentive levels dependent on system upgrades or installed equipment.

Custom incentives

Custom applications provide flexibility for more comprehensive projects with opportunities for increased energy savings.


The greater of either, $400/kW of demand savings or $0.05/kWh of first year electricity savings.


The greater of either, $800/kW of demand savings or $0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings.

Non-Lighting Project Examples

KRP Properties

Equipment: Building Automation System

Quickie Convenience Stores

Equipment: FreeAire


Must be an owner or tenant of commercial, institutional, agricultural, and multi-residential facilities.

How to Get Started

Before starting your project, we recommend that you review what is required to complete and receive incentives from the Retrofit Program. The following outlines the documents that will be required before the project begins and 150 days after the project is complete.

Pre-Project Submission Checklist

Log into your User Account, and start your application. If you need help with the application process, watch our Save on Energy account tutorials.
Once you have entered your project details and information, determine the appropriate track (prescriptive or custom), please proceed to upload the following required documentation within your application. Alternatively, you may email the documents.

Prescriptive projects

Custom projects

Instructions for the Applicant Representative

If you submitted the documents, please ensure the Applicant completes the following steps; otherwise, Hydro Ottawa will not be able to review all pre-project documentation.

  1. Log into Save on Energy Account   
  2. Once logged in, locate the application at the bottom of the page and click on “REVIEW”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click on “SUBMIT”.

Begin Your Project

Once Hydro Ottawa has Pre-Approved your application, you will be notified to go ahead and proceed with your project.

Please notify Hydro Ottawa once your project is complete. You will have 150 days to submit the following post-project documentation.

Post-Project Submission Checklist

The following documents are required by the Independent Electricity Systems Operator in order to approve your Save on Energy RETROFIT PROGRAM applications for payment.
  • The invoice must list make, model number, and quantity purchased of each item.
  • Please use the pre-tax total for the purpose of your application.
  • Copy of cancelled cheque (s)
  • Online banking account screenshot
  • Debit receipt or credit card receipt
  • Copy of Credit Card statement
  • Proof of e-transfer
  • Accounting system screenshots

Instructions for the Applicant Representative

If you are an Applicant Representative, please make sure your Applicant logs into his or her account and approves your submission so that the application status will read: Post-Project Review – Submitted to LDC for Approval.

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