A Hydro Ottawa electricity bill and addressed outside mailing envelope



Understand Your Bill

These interactive Time-of-Use bills allow you to find detailed explanations quickly and easily for each section of your bill. Simply use your cursor to highlight a line item of interest and a box will appear providing you additional detail.

How to Pay Your Bill

Hydro Ottawa offers many different options to allow you to make simple, on-time payments. Choose the method that’s most convenient for you.

Equal Monthly Payment Plan

With the Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP), you can even out your payments over time. Your monthly payment amount will be based on your projected annual electricity use and the price of electricity.


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Bill Inserts

With your monthly bill from Hydro Ottawa, we may include inserts that provide important safety information, tips for reducing your energy consumption, or news about saveONenergy incentives and other special promotions.


Ontario's energy supply mix is evolving.

Fostering a culture of conservation and developing renewable sources of energy are cornerstones of the provincial government's vision for Ontario's electricity future. This can be seen in the diversity and growing availability of alternate power sources coming online in Ontario's power grid. However, to meet the increasing demand for power in the future, it remains important to reduce our consumption now. Please do your part in promoting the adoption of clean energy sources. Click here for some conservation tips.


A graph showing the various sources of energy in Ontario.

Customer Service

  • Phone (-613) 738-–6400
  • Email custservice@hydroottawa.com
  • Fax (-613) 738-–6403

Available weekdays between 8am - 8pm
(Excluding statutory holidays)

Manage Your Account Online

Looking for online access to your account balance, payment history and electricity consumption? You can access a wealth of information about your Hydro Ottawa account.


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