High Voltage Vault Resources and Information

If you own high voltage electrical equipment in a vault, it is important that you maintain your equipment through regular inspections and tests.

If you require immediate access to your vault due to an emergency or potential emergency please call Hydro Ottawa’s Power Outage Hotline at 613-738-0188.

Hydro Ottawa’s top priority is to provide a reliable service while ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees. We do this by regularly inspecting, testing, and maintaining our equipment. Depending on the type of equipment in your hydro vault, Hydro Ottawa recommends that electrical service to the vault be shut down for maintenance, testing, and cleaning on a three or a six year cycle.

Hydro Ottawa provides customers with access to each of their vaults free of charge once per rolling 12 month period. These visits last up to two hours and are opportunities for customers to test their vault’s fire detector, check and service their ventilation system, and perform an Infra-Red scan of the vault’s high voltage equipment to detect possible problems. All of these services can be provided by your contractor(s).

To book a vault shutdown or access appointment, please call 613-738-5499 ext. 7185 or email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information;
  2. Building address;
  3. Date and time access is requested for;
  4. Purpose of access; and
  5. Billing information if applicable.

All vault access appointments must be booked at least three business days in advanced. If you require access to your vault more than once a year, certain fees may apply.

All vault shutdowns must be booked at least ten business days in advance. You can also learn more about this process by calling your High Voltage Contractor.

For information, including the fees that may apply for vault access or a vault shutdown, please consult our Conditions of Service. The following sections contain information that is particularly relevant to vault owning customers:

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