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EV charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a popular choice. Using electricity rather than gasoline, EVs reduce emissions and offer long-term savings with lower fuel and maintenance costs. Plus, EVs now match the range of traditional gas vehicles.

EVs come with a cord that lets you charge using a regular wall socket. For faster charging, install a Level 2 charger, like the one shown here.


Battery storage

Battery storage systems allow you to optimize your energy use by storing excess power for later use.

For instance, integrating a battery with your solar setup allows you to store extra energy for nighttime or outages. Some systems can even connect to your EV charger, so you can drive fuelled by the power of the sun.


Heat pump

Heat pumps use less energy than traditional systems as they move existing heat around rather than generating it — providing both heating and cooling in one efficient system.

By shifting to clean electricity, heat pumps can reduce emissions and enhance your home's comfort — even in cold climates like Ottawa!


Solar panels

Solar panels harness sunlight to produce usable energy to power your home and devices. Excess energy can be stored in a battery or sent back to the grid.

Using the power of the sun can reduce emissions, lower energy bills, and provide resiliency during outages. Now, that’s bright thinking!


Smart technology

Take charge of your home with smart technology. Adjust devices, schedule tasks, and personalize settings — all from your smartphone.

For instance, smart thermostats can learn your preferences and adjust automatically, while smart EV chargers let you schedule optimal charging times.

Enjoy convenience and energy efficiency. It's smart living!

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