Safety Around Electrical Equipment

Padmount Transformers

Throughout your neighbourhood, you’re likely to spot hydro poles and pad mounted transformers – locked green metal cabinets – that contain high voltage electrical equipment. Remember to never climb, sit on, or tamper with this equipment which can pose a threat to your safety.

If there is a pad-mount transformer on your property, please maintain a clear path around the unit, and be sure not to obstruct the front of the transformer to ensure the safety of our crews who may need to access the transformer for maintenance or outage restoration.

Pole-mount transformers should also be treated with safety in mind. In the same manner as you would with overhead power lines, always maintain a safe distance of at least three metres from any pole-mount transformer.


Substations are facilities that contain a wide variety of equipment, including transformers that reduce the voltage carried in transmission lines to levels appropriate for distribution throughout the city. You can recognize substations throughout the city as they are well marked with signs warning you to keep away because equipment and structures in substations are always electrically charged.

To ensure your safety, never enter a substation or attempt to climb a substation fence. If you do, you could receive a serious and potentially fatal shock.

Avoid playing near substations, especially with balls, frisbees, or other items that could fly over the fence. If you do lose something in a substation, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself. Call Hydro Ottawa for assistance.

If you come across a substation that has an open gate, damaged fence, or that has been vandalized in any way, contact Hydro Ottawa immediately. The damages could present serious safety risks and should be repaired as soon as possible.

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