Appointments to the Board

The governance structure for the Corporation (Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.) and its subsidiaries (Hydro Ottawa Limited and Energy Ottawa Inc.) includes two boards of directors – the Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. Board and the Hydro Ottawa Limited (HOL) Board

In accordance with the terms of the Shareholder Declaration, the City of Ottawa appoints all Directors to the two Boards except the President and Chief Executive Officer. In doing so, the City considers candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee of the Board of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., but is not obliged to select these candidates. The Nominating Committee is assisted by outside consultants in its search for candidates for appointment to the Boards.

As set out in the Shareholder Declaration, all candidates for appointment to the Boards must meet certain requirements, including demonstrated integrity and high ethical standards, relevant career experience and expertise, and an understanding of the role of Hydro Ottawa both as a service to local ratepayers and an asset of taxpayers.

In addition, the nomination and selection process is designed to maintain a Board that includes the following overarching competencies among one or more directors: strong business background, including competitive business experience and strategic planning; a strong financial background including financial accreditation and public or private market financing experience; industry sector experience in the areas of business of the subsidiary companies; board experience; and merger and acquisition experience.

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