This Scorecard is a key part of the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) Renewed Regulatory Framework (RRF). It was developed to provide customers with information about four performance outcomes which Hydro Ottawa measures: customer focus, operational effectiveness, public policy responsiveness and financial performance.

The Scorecard provides Hydro Ottawa’s performance outcomes for the most recent five years of available data (2016 – 2020). These measures were introduced in 2013. The Scorecard is designed to help our customers gain a better sense of how Hydro Ottawa is performing year over year. To provide further context on some of the results and trends provided, you may refer to the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section of the Scorecard. 

For more information and a description of the measures, please refer to the Ontario Energy Board’s Performance Measure Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions. You can also view all other Ontario distributor scorecards on the OEB’s Electricity Distributor Scorecard page.

Should you have any related comments or questions, please contact [email protected].

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