Custom Incentive Reports

As part of Hydro Ottawa’s 2016 to 2020 (EB-2015-0004) Custom Incentive Rate (CIR) setting process, Hydro Ottawa committed to report annually on the following:

  • The progress of its capital spending program in the following categories;
  1. System access,
  2. System service and system renewal; and
  3. General plant.
  • Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)

Hydro Ottawa’s capital spending progress, and additional KPIs which are not included in the OEB’s Electricity Distributor Scorecard or the Ontario Energy Board’s Yearbook, are reported as part of the CIR Annual Report. This additional information enhances the scorecard measures under the Operational Effectiveness performance outcome; namely safety, system reliability, asset management and cost control.”

(2016) OEB CIR Report

(2017) OEB CIR Report

(2018) OEB CIR Report

(2019) OEB CIR Report

(2020) OEB CIR Report

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