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This map, updated every 5 minutes, includes information on power outages affecting 10 or more customers that reside within 200 metres of each other. Zones highlighted in the blue are planned outages to maintain or upgrade our infrastructure, while red zones are unexpected outages occurring across our service territory.

Click on the outage affecting your area to see the latest information from our crews.

Our crews continue work to stabilize our electricity grid following the storm that hit our service territory in May 2022. We are still discovering hazards that could cause potential outages in the future, including debris, downed trees, and damaged poles. Customers may periodically experience an outage so crews can safely remove obstructions and repair infrastructure.

If an emergency planned outage is needed for your area, we will make every effort to give you adequate notice so you can make any arrangements you deem necessary. Don’t see your power outage listed on the map? Report it at 613 738-0188 or online.

If customers in communities continue to notice downed power lines in backyards or neighbourhoods, please stay at least 10 meters (the length of a school bus) away from the wires or from any objects that are in contact with the lines such as trees.

To understand if you may need to make repairs caused by damage to customer-owned equipment at your residence prior to being reconnected, call 613 738-6418 or visit our Home Electrical Systems and Electrical Service Repair pages. 

This map does not include momentary outages, also known as ‘auto-reclosures’. This is when a Hydro Ottawa circuit breaker at a substation opens momentarily to allow a temporary fault or problem on the distribution system to clear (e.g. lightning strike or tree branch contact). The circuit breaker then "auto-recloses" to restore power thus avoiding a prolonged power outage or the dispatch of field personnel to restore power.

Unconfirmed outages also appear on the map as pending. These are areas that we have identified as possibly being without power, but have yet to confirm.

Learn more about what can interrupt the flow and supply of electricity.

Learn about how we handle power outages.




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