Outage Alerts

Power outages are challenging but unavoidable. Now, you can get the latest updates via SMS/text or email to help you plan accordingly.

Our team is committed to improving reliability and resilience during unforeseen power disruptions. Part of that commitment is to keep you updated while we work to restore your power. Our new outage alerts streamline this process.

What types of alerts will I receive?

Whether you prefer an SMS/text or email alert, you’ll receive timely information from Hydro Ottawa regarding:

  • Unplanned outages in your area
  • Planned outages in progress in your area
  • Estimated times of restoration
  • Restoration status updates
  • Confirmation of power restoration

How do I sign up for alerts?

Are you a new customer to Hydro Ottawa, or a new account owner? To sign up for alerts, you must have a registered MyAccount. You can add two phone numbers and up to five email addresses per account to receive alerts. Sign up here.

Note: Residential and small business customers with an existing MyAccount as of December 15, 2023, have been auto-enrolled to receive alerts. If you have a valid mobile phone number on file, you’ll receive SMS/text alerts as the default. Otherwise, you’ll receive email alerts. 

How do I manage my notifications?

To manage your outage notification preferences, including how and when you receive alerts, or to unsubscribe, log in to your MyAccount portal, select the Account icon, go to the Manage Profile tab, and click Outage Alerts.

Already registered? Log in.

Text commands

Using your mobile phone, text one of the following commands to PWROUT (797688):

  • HELP – will provide a link to this web page for more information about the program.
  • INFO – will direct you to visit our outage map or call our outage line for more information about your outage
  • STOP – will unsubscribe you from receiving outage alerts
Not getting alerts? Ensure your mobile phone number and email address are up to date in MyAccount.

Click here to view terms of use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a residential or small business customer and had an active MyAccount profile on December 15, 2023, you were auto-enrolled for outage alerts based on the existing contact information we had on your account (mobile phone or email). 

Customers will receive either an email from Hydro Ottawa, or a SMS/text alert from PWROUT (797688). The initial alert will notify you that we're aware of an outage on or near your address, as well as the estimated time we expect it to be restored. An outage alert update notification will be sent to you if the estimated time of restoration has changed. Finally, you will receive another alert advising you that the power has been restored. 

Whether you choose SMS/text or email alerts, you will receive timely information from Hydro Ottawa regarding:

●    Unplanned outages in your area
●    Planned outages in progress in your area
●    Estimated times of restoration
●    Restoration status updates
●    Confirmation of power restoration  

Outage alerts may also include our popular Weather Watch notifications that warn customers of possible power outages before they occur.

Yes. Customers can add up to two mobile phone numbers and five email addresses to their account so numerous members of their household (or close contacts) can stay informed about unplanned and planned outages in progress in their area.


Yes. By default, customers have a predetermined ‘Do not disturb’ setting, where they will not receive outage alerts between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Customers can adjust these times and receive alerts during this period, managing their outage alert preferences.

If you relocate within Hydro Ottawa’s service territory, your participation in the outage alerts service will automatically stop. You will need to enroll for outage alerts again by registering your new address via MyAccount.

If you move outside of Hydro Ottawa’s service territory and are no longer a customer, you will no longer receive outage alerts.

Yes. Customers that wish to unsubscribe from outage alerts can do so by editing and deleting their contact information located within the Manage Profile tab and clicking Outage Alerts. If you receive outage alerts by SMS/text you can reply STOP to any outage alert to unsubscribe.

If you have two or more accounts that are experiencing an outage at the same time, you will receive an aggregated message that will include an ETR, but not reference the specific address. For example, an outage alert could look like this:

HYDRO OTTAWA OUTAGE ALERT: We're aware of an outage affecting two or more of your accounts. The current estimated time of restoration is [DATE/TIME]. Reply STOP to unsubscribe or visit hydroottawa.com/outagecentre for more information.

Yes. Large commercial customers were not auto-enrolled on December 15, 2023, but can subscribe for outage alerts by logging in to their MyAccount profile, selecting the Account icon, going to the Manage Profile tab, and clicking Outage Alerts.

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