Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. is 100 per cent owned by the City of Ottawa. It is a private company, registered under the Ontario Business Corporations Act, and overseen by an independent Board of Directors consisting of the President and Chief Executive Officer and 10 members appointed by City Council. The core businesses of the Corporation are electricity distribution, renewable energy generation, and energy and utility services. Hydro Ottawa owns and operates three primary subsidiary companies.

Hydro Ottawa Limited

Hydro Ottawa Limited is a regulated electricity local distribution company operating in the City of Ottawa and the Village of Casselman. 

As the third-largest municipally owned electrical utility in Ontario, Hydro Ottawa Limited maintains one of the safest, most reliable and cost-effective electricity distribution systems in the province, serving approximately 353,000 residential and commercial customers across 1,116 square kilometres. The company’s customer base grows by an average of one per cent per year.

Energy Ottawa Inc. (Portage Power)

Energy Ottawa Inc. operates under the brand Portage Power and is the largest Ontario-based municipally owned producer of green power. 

Portage Power owns and operates six run-of-the-river hydroelectric generation plants at Chaudière Falls near Ottawa’s core, along with the historic Ottawa River Ring Dam, and 10 other run-of-the-river facilities in Ontario and New York. It also holds majority interests in two landfill gas-to-energy joint ventures, which produce clean, renewable energy from landfill gas at the Trail Road and Laflèche landfill sites in Ottawa and in Moose Creek, Ontario; and has 16 solar installations across the City of Ottawa. 

In total, Portage Power has over 128 megawatts of installed green generation capacity – enough to power 107,000 homes.

Envari Holding Inc. (Envari)

Envari Holding Inc. sells energy solutions to municipalities, to industrial and commercial clients, and to various local distribution companies.

Envari manages large energy transformation projects on behalf of its clients, offers a portfolio of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and services, and provides operations and maintenance capabilities to its customer base. 

Envari provides extensive energy services to the City of Ottawa while also serving a diverse and expanding broader client base. 

The activities now carried out by Envari were conducted by Energy Ottawa until December 31, 2018.

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