Electrical Service Repairs

If storms or unforeseen circumstances have caused serious damage to your home's electrical system, Hydro Ottawa may not be able to reconnect your power until repairs are complete.

Even if you do not have power or never lost it, there may still be damage that needs to be repaired. In some cases, temporary repairs may be allowed to enable immediate power restoration; however, these repairs will need to be made permanent in a timely manner.

Electrical equipment ownership – overhead  

Typically, a homeowner’s ownership of electrical equipment begins where the wires attach to the house. This means that Hydro Ottawa is generally responsible for the wires coming from the pole to the house. The homeowner is responsible for the service mast, the wires inside the mast/pipe into the meterbase, the meterbase itself as well as the wires running from the meterbase into the electrical panel within the house. If this equipment is damaged, you need to arrange repairs before we can safely reconnect your power. You should start this process immediately.

Always hire a licensed electrical contractor to assess the situation and make the repairs

Never attempt major electrical repairs yourself or hire an unlicensed electrician. This could delay your power from being restored and create safety hazards. Licensed Electrical Contractors can properly make arrangements for permits, inspection and reconnection of power.

The 4 Steps to Get Repairs Done

  1. Do not attempt to repair this equipment yourself. Stay back to avoid the risk of shock, electrocution or fire.
  2. Call Hydro Ottawa at 613 738-6418 to verify which equipment is yours or if you notice trees or branches near overhead wires.
  3. Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make repairs. Once you have hired a Licensed Electrical Contractor:
  1. The contractor will file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) so there is a record of the work;

  2. When the contractor completes the work, the contractor will notify ESA and the ESA Inspector will confirm work has been done safely and power can be reconnected;

  3. ESA will inform Hydro Ottawa that it is safe to reconnect;

  4. Hydro Ottawa will schedule a reconnection. You must be home at the time of reconnection to allow Hydro Ottawa to access the main breaker and ensure that it’s in the OFF position when service is re-energized.

  1. After the work has been completed, you should ask your contractor for a copy of the ESA Certificate of Inspection for your records and for insurance purposes. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, most home insurance policies would cover the cost to repair a home's electrical mast. A Licensed Electrical Contractor must do the repairs, the homeowner’s insurance policy deductible would apply and the insurer should be notified with receipts retained for the claim.

Temporary Repairs

If you have had temporary repairs authorized by ESA in order to allow power to be restored, these repairs must be made permanent for safety reasons. If this applies to you, you should have received a letter from your utility or ESA informing you that you have 30 days to make any temporary repairs permanent. Please follow the four steps outlined above to have your repairs completed.

Infographic of 4 steps for safe repairs

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