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Did You Know?

As a residential customer, only 18.0% of your hydro payment goes to Hydro Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa is responsible for the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to more than 325,000 customers in the City of Ottawa and the village of Casselman. As a community company, Hydro Ottawa is committed to delivering value to its customers by providing reliable service at competitive rates.

Hydro Ottawa’s delivery charge represents only a small portion of your bill. The delivery charge covers the costs of delivering electricity from generating stations across Ontario and then to your home or business. It includes the costs to build and maintain transmission and distribution lines, towers and poles and to operate provincial and local electricity systems.

We pass on the remaining charges, without mark-up, to the other companies responsible for generating electricity, transmitting it, and to regulators and the provincial government. A portion of these charges are fixed and do not change from month to month. The rest are variable and increase or decrease depending on the amount of electricity that you use. Please see the chart below for a break-down of these charges.*

This graphic depicts the breakdown of electricity charges for the typical residential customer using 800 kilowatt hours per month. This graphic is dated January 1st, 2014.

*For the average residential customer using 800 kWh per month.

Electricity dissipates from the point of generation to your home or business.

When electricity travels along power lines and through equipment such as transformers, a small amount of electricity is consumed as energy. This energy is lost primarily as heat – in much the same way that the elements on a stove give off heat when you turn the power on. To compensate for this effect, more power must be generated for you than you actually use.

For example, imagine walking on a hot day with a glass of lemonade. The longer you walk, the more liquid is evaporated by the heat of the sun. So the lemonade you can drink is slightly less than the lemonade you poured. On your bill, you will see the amount of power consumed labeled as “kWh Consumption” while the loss-adjusted, actual generated amount appears under “adjusted consumption”. This is the billed amount. Since energy dissipation is unavoidable, the best way to reduce your bill is to conserve - especially during peak hours.

Did you know showing generated, dissipated and consumed energy

Meter readings are now done electronically.

With virtually all of our customers' homes and businesses now equipped with Smart Meters, manual meter reading is a thing of the past. Smart Meter technology automatically records your electricity consumption every hour and sends it directly to Hydro Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa’s customer information portal, MyHydroLink allows you to view all of your consumption information online and to access conservation planning tools. The ability to view your consumption trends will help you shift some of your electricity use to off-peak periods, helping not only your pocket book, but the environment as well.

Access your consumption statistics online, anytime!

Ontario’s system-wide electricity supply mix is evolving.*

Fostering a culture of conservation and developing renewable sources of energy are cornerstones of the provincial government’s vision for Ontario’s electricity future. This can be seen in the diversity and growing availability of alternate power sources coming online in Ontario’s power grid. However, to meet the increasing demand for power in the future, it remains important to reduce our consumption now. Please do your part in promoting the adoption of clean energy sources. Visit our conservation section for some great tips and programs to save you energy.


A graph showing the various sources of energy in Ontario

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