The way you light, heat and power your home can impact your bills. Even the smallest of actions can produce positive results. With the Save on Energy Home Assistance Program (HAP), qualified homeowners, tenants and social and/or assisted housing providers can improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The energy efficiency and comfort of your home – or, if you are a social housing provider, your tenants’ homes – could be significantly improved through the installation of:

  • energy-saving light bulbs (LEDs);
  • power bars;
  • a low-flow showerhead (in homes with electric water heating); and
  • faucet aerators (in homes with electric water heating).

You may also be eligible for a new, energy-efficient refrigerator or other appliance, such as a window air conditioner. If you are in an electrically heated home you may be eligible for a programmable thermostat. 

The program includes a detailed in-home energy assessment, professional installation of energy-saving measures and advice on steps that can be taken to save even more energy. 

All conservation devices and products provided under the HAP are directly installed in the home and are free of charge to participants.

Find out more about how you can participate.



You could qualify for a 30 to 50 dollar reduction on your monthly electricity bill.

If you're from a low-income household you can apply to the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP).


If you are having trouble paying your electricity bill you may be eligible to receive a credit of up to $500 through the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

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