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How do I apply for the OESP?

You can apply online at OntarioElectricitySupport.ca. If you require assistance with the application process, contact one of the local social service agencies listed below. Remote application assistance is also available if there are no social service agencies located close to your place of residence or you are unable to travel to your nearest agency due to extenuating circumstances.

Social Service Agency Name Address Phone Number Email
Carson Community House 101-710 Carsons Road, Ottawa K1K 2H3 613 314-6031 info@crcrr.org

Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre

215-1980 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa K1J 9L3

613 741-6025


EBO Financial Education Centre

300 Olmstead Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa K1L 7K1

613 746-0400


Jewish Family Services of Ottawa

2255 Carling Avenue, Ottawa K2B 7Z5

613 722-2225


Lowertown Community Resource Centre

40 Cobourg Street, Ottawa K1N 8Z6

613 789-3930


Nepean, Rideau & Osgoode Community Resource Centre

1547 Merivale Road, Ottawa K2G 4V3

613 596-5626


Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre

240 Centrum Boulevard, Unit #105, Orléans K1E 3J4

613 830-4357


Ottawa ACORN

404 McArthur Avenue, Ottawa K1K 1G8

613 746-5999


Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre

120-225 Donald Street, Ottawa K1K 1N1

613 745-0073


South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre

600-1355 Bank Street, Ottawa K1H 8K7

613 737-4809


South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre – HCR Site

3320 Paul Anka Drive, Ottawa K1V 0J9

613 247-1600


Vanier Community Service Centre

290 Dupuis Street, Ottawa K1L 1A2

613 744-2892 ext. 1202 or 1033


Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre

2 MacNeil Court, Kanata K2L 4H7

613 591-3686


When will I start receiving the OESP credit?

Applications can take anywhere between four to six weeks to process. If you qualify, the credit will appear directly on your electricity bill in about six to eight weeks after you have been approved.

How much will the monthly on-bill credit amount be?

Once you are eligible for the OESP, the amount of the credit will be based on the combined household income and the number of people living in your home. The credit will range from $35 to $75 each month.

Eligible low-income customers who need to use more power because they heat their home with electricity, use medical devices and have other special electricity requirements, may receive a higher level of assistance.

How do you decide who qualifies for the OESP?

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has appointed an agency to process customer applications to the OESP on a province-wide basis. This agency uses the Statistics Canada Low-Income Measure (LIM) to determine which applicants are eligible to receive the OESP credit.

How is the OESP funded?

The program is funded by all taxpayers in Ontario.

Does the OESP expire?

After two years of receiving the OESP credit, you will have to reapply to the program. The amount you receive as a credit may increase, decrease, or stay the same based on if and how your living and/or financial situations have changed.

Eligible customers whose circumstances are unlikely to change, for example seniors 65 years or older and Canada Pension Plan disability pensioners may only need to reapply to the OESP every five years.

You may re-apply online at OntarioElectricitySupport.ca/renew or in person through your local social service agency. Remote application assistance is also available if there are no social service agencies located close to your place of residence or you are unable to travel to your nearest agency due to extenuating circumstances. 

Will my OESP credit be carried to my new account when I move?

No. When you move, you must reapply to the OESP because the credit is applied to the account of your current residence and not to you as an individual. You can reapply when you receive your first bill at your new home and can therefore provide a current account number on your OESP application.

Can I qualify for both the OESP and LEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program)?

Yes. The OESP is designed to provide ongoing financial support to eligible low-income customers, while LEAP provides one-time emergency assistance. If you are on the OESP, but are temporarily unable to pay your bill due to illness or another emergency, you can apply to LEAP for emergency assistance.