Hydro Ottawa paper bill with pen on top

Other Charges

Some of the other charges that may appear on Hydro Ottawa’s bill are explained below.

New accounts are subject to an Account Set-up Charge of $30.00. This charge also applies when a customer moves from one address to another.

An administrative charge of $15.00 applies when a customer requests a duplicate invoice of a paper bill that they already received or if a customer requests a printed version of their per year of billing or reading history.

An Account Certificate Charge of $15.00 covers the cost of investigating whether an outstanding balance exists.

To avoid interest charges, Hydro Ottawa must receive a customer’s payment on or before the Due Date on their bill. Sufficient time must be allowed for a payment to be received and processed by Hydro Ottawa, taking into account the time required for payment to be transferred from a financial institution or to be delivered by mail.

An unpaid balance after the due date is subject to a Late Payment Charge of 1.50% per month, compounded monthly (19.56% per year).

Returned Payment Charge of $15.00 plus any bank charges is applied when cheques are returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) on an account.

Special Billing Service Charge of $102.00 (billed in 15 minute increments with a minimum charge of one hour) is applied when customers request historical billing information. This does not include duplicate invoices and arrears certificates, which have a specific rate.

If a customer requests that a meter be investigated and the billing is determined to be correct, a High Bill Investigation Charge of $227.00 is applied.  If there is a problem with the meter the customer is not charged.

A Specific Charge for Access to the Power Poles is applied at $53.00 per pole on an annual basis.

Reconnection Charges vary and are based on the type of electrical service and time of day*. For customer initiated disconnections, referred to as Isolation/Re-energization, please see Section 2.2.2 of Hydro Ottawa’s Conditions of Service

Reconnect at meter during business hours* $65.00
Reconnect at meter after business hours $185.00
Reconnect at pole during business hours* $185.00
Reconnect at pole after business hours $415.00

Customer Administration Reconnection of new Account without account holder

Reconnect at meter during business hours* $65.00
Reconnect at meter after business hours $185.00

A Temporary Service Installation/Removal Charge applies for temporary service connection.

Temporary Service installation/removal - overhead (no transformer)* $848.00
Temporary Service installation/removal - underground (no transformer)* $1,230.00
Temporary Service installation/removal - overhead (with transformer)* $3,023.00

Customers who own transformers that step down from Hydro Ottawa’s primary supply voltage to the utilization voltage may receive a Transformer Ownership Credit (TOC) per kW of billing demand of $0.45 for transformation from less than 115 kV. Please see Section of Hydro Ottawa’s Conditions of Service

Charges for MicroFIT, FIT and Net Metering Generators

* Our business hours are Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All of the above charges are effective January 1, 2019 and subject to HST.