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Hydro Ottawa offers a full suite of services to our customers, most of which are completely free. We are here to help ensure that construction, renovation, and tree trimming projects are electrically safe. These services range from installing electrical services in new buildings, to assessing and replacing current electrical equipment to ensure that it is up to safety standards, to helping customers install renewable generation equipment as part of the microFIT program. You can browse and request many of these services online using our simple self-service tools below. So whether you are building a new business, expanding your existing business, moving to a new location, or have a question or a concern, we have you covered.

Before you begin a construction or renovation project, refer to our Conditions of Service, Section 3.0 to learn about procedures surrounding service requests and Appendix G to learn about the possible fees that may apply. Then, when you are ready, you may submit your request for a service online. Please allow 10-business days for the scheduling of your appointment.

You will also need to complete a load summary so that we can assess your service size.

What type of work are you doing?

Request a Forestry Service

If you have trees that need to be trimmed or removed, we are here to help.


Our approved contractors can trim trees and vegetation within three meters (10 feet) of electrical power lines and equipment.


We can also arrange a planned power outage on your property, creating a safe work area so that you (or a licensed contractor) can safely trim or remove trees.

All services are free of charge.