Alert: Hydro Ottawa is currently responding to power outages across Ottawa. If you are experience an outage please call 613-738-0188.
A thunderstorm with heavy lightning around powerlines in an open field

Outage History

To report a power outage please call our 24/7 outage line:

Planned Work | Outage History

Have you recently experienced a power outage? Search the outage history to learn more about the power interruption.

Information on outages that have occurred within the last 30 days is available. This map does not include momentary outages, also known as ‘auto-reclosures’. This is when a Hydro Ottawa circuit breaker at a substation opens momentarily to allow a temporary fault or problem on the distribution system to clear (e.g. lightning strike or tree branch contact). The circuit breaker then "auto-recloses" to restore power thus avoiding a prolonged power outage or the dispatch of field personnel to restore power.

Information on Current Outages



September 21, 2018

Historic Outages