‘The GREAT-DR’ is a smart grid technologies trial project led by Hydro Ottawa and partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund. This interoperable, transactive, demand/response solution allows behind-the-meter electricity load to interact virtually and seamlessly with the grid.

Customer control

This initiative will give pilot participants the tools to reduce their electricity usage and demand while benefiting from increased control over how they produce and manage energy. In their own homes, at times when the wholesale market price of electricity may be high or when the grid may be experiencing large peaks in demand for electricity, participants will make the decision over how they use their energy.

Solar generation, energy storage and more!

In return for investing in a significantly discounted solar generation system and control devices qualified pilot participants will be helping trial a novel smart grid solution.

This project uses a technology called “Transactive Energy” that enables devices that use or produce electricity to work together seamlessly, thereby maintaining a balance between supply and demand.

Decide when and where to use electricity

The demand/response aspect gives the customer additional options in getting the most out of the smart grid solution. If the customer decides, "I want my EV charged now" the system can turn off other large appliances such as dryers or air conditioners in order to balance customer needs with the overall demands of the electricity grid.

The data collected by Hydro Ottawa over the trial period will forever change how the customer, the local distribution company (Hydro Ottawa) and the electricity grid market operator (the Independent Electricity System Operator) interact with and manage the smart grid.

Democratizing the grid

Working closely with our industry partners, ‘The GREAT-DR’ will decentralize and largely automate demand response and transactive energy right through to the grid edge. It will build greater resiliency for best stakeholder benefit – especially for the customer who will be empowered as a ‘prosumer’.

The open source and royalty free grid solution will democratize smart grids in Ontario and all over the world.

‘The GREAT-DR’ Solution

With an initial investment of $27,000 or less, qualified participants will gain a state-of-the-art solar generation system and control devices worth approximately $40,000. This system includes:

  • Roof top solar panels
    • Tier 1 quality
    • Includes mounting system
  • A Home Energy Management System (HEMS) – Energate Inc.
    • Smart thermostat and devices attached to electrical appliances, including furnaces/baseboard heaters, air-conditioners, pool pumps, and/or dryers
    • Devices determined based on home
  • A smart inverter – Tabuchi
    • DC coupled
    • Three independent maximum point power trackers
    • 680W x 1200H x 250D mm or 26.8W x 47.2H x 9.8D in (wall mounted)
    • 65 kg (143.3lb)
    • Air cooled
  • Battery storage – Panasonic
    • Lithium Ion, high quality
    • 10 kWh capacity (approximate)
    • 580W x 600H x 551.5D mm or 22.8W x 23.6H x 21.7D in (resides on floor)
    • 110 kg (243lb) on casters
  • A bi-directional meter
    • Supports a Net-Metering benefit (on-bill generation credit)
    • More information on Net-Metering
  • A separate ‘critical load panel’ that will allow for emergency power during outages
  • All permits, installation, applicable warranty, and taxes

In addition to a significant investment opportunity, 'The GREAT-DR' trial project offers many other short- and long-term benefits.

Benefits to Customers

  • Long-term investment benefit opportunity
  • Simplified integration of state-of-the-art solar generation system and load control devices
  • Managed electricity use while retaining control of appliances and devices
  • Increased value, control and comfort when using or generating electricity
  • Reduced environmental impact and greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint by limiting peak demands
  • Improved reliability of electricity service

Benefits to Industry

  • Decentralized and automated demand response and transactive energy through to the grid edge
  • Guaranteed better demand response for the market operator
  • Increased grid control and flexible operation for local distribution companies (distribution system operators)
  • Lower cost and more resilient than traditional grid shoring solutions
  • Agent-based and fully standards-compliant (esp. IEEE2030.5)
  • Adherence to Privacy-by-Design principles and best cyber security practices
  • Encourages interoperability and democratization of the Grid (open source and royalty free platform solution architecture)

Learn more about ‘The GREAT-DR’:

Looking to Participate?

Hydro Ottawa is looking for more residential customers to join the customers already qualified for the trial project. If you’re interested in participating, please ensure to download ‘The GREAT-DR’ Application Form. Once completed and saved, please submit your responses to Hydro Ottawa via email at TGDRParticipant@hydroottawa.com.

Get your neighbours and community involved!

Read more or contact us at TGDRParticipant@hydroottawa.com.

Hydro Ottawa is leading this project that is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund and the LDC Tomorrow Fund. The success of this project is also thanks to our dedicated collaborators: Carleton University, CIMA Canada Inc., Energate (Tantalus) Inc., Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada (with Tabuchi Americas), Quadra Power Inc., Thorium Technologies Inc., the University of Ottawa plus our supporter, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards Association.

It’s utilities, a market operator, equipment manufacturers and customers working together where it matters to optimize through to the edge of the electricity grid.

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