‘The GREAT-DR’ Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘The GREAT-DR’

Hydro Ottawa is introducing a smart grid trial project called ‘The Grid Edge Active Transactional Demand Response’ or ‘The GREAT-DR’. To become our customer’s partner in a smart energy future, we as a utility will need to have at our disposal the tools and technology to respond to their expectations. ‘The GREAT-DR’ seeks to provide us that tool set:

  • GRid Edge: At the distribution transformer directly connected to our customers;
  • Active Transactional: Allowing customers to buy and sell on the grid or with neighbours;
  • Demand Response: Allowing the grid to send signals out for customers to respond to.

This Hydro Ottawa led trial project is partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund. Eligible customers will have the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge smart grid technology and help improve Hydro Ottawa's smart grid.

What do I have to do if I wish to participate?

If you interested in solar generation and would you like to invest in a cutting-edge, smart grid system at a reduced cost, the first step is to complete ‘The GREAT-DR’ 15 questions pre-qualification application.

Will my home be inspected prior to my approval as a qualified participant?

Yes, an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection will be conducted prior to your approval as a participant in this trial project. If the electrical equipment in your home must be improved or upgraded to meet the ESA's standards under Hydro Ottawa's Conditions of Service, you will be required to invest in the completion of this work before the pilot trial begins.

If I qualify, what is required to become a participant?

Once qualified, you will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement – a contract that outlines all of the terms and conditions with regards ‘The GREAT-DR’ trial project.

The Participation Agreement is designed will be executed in phases (contract signing phase, payment installment, installation, and then data collection phase). The terms of the agreement will start be initiated when the participant signs the contract and run until the end of 2020 or from the contract execution initiation to the end of data collection phase.

An initial investment of $27,000 or less is required from qualified participants. ‘The GREAT-DR’ participants will be the sole owners of this state-of-the-art solar generation system and control devices worth more than $40,000 at the end of the trial project.

Will Hydro Ottawa require access to my home?

Yes, throughout the trial project, Hydro Ottawa will require access to your home to install, adjust and maintain ‘The GREAT-DR’ equipment.

Who will have access to my electricity usage data?

Hydro Ottawa will collect and monitor your electricity usage throughout the duration of the trial period.

How will Hydro Ottawa use my electricity usage and behvaiour information?

Hydro Ottawa will use this vital information to evaluate the effectiveness of ‘The GREAT-DR’ trial solution. Any published data will be aggregated and not customer specific. All personal information collected will be managed in accordance with the Hydro Ottawa Privacy Policy.

  • ‘The GREAT-DR’ project will adhere to Privacy-by-Design principles and cybersecurity best practices.

  • Customer devices and behaviour will be known to the project team during the trial only, and not exposed to the project team (including Hydro Ottawa) afterwards.