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peaksaver PLUS

By participating in the peaksaver® program, our community has been able to reduce the demands on the electricity system during critical peak periods.

Thank you for your ongoing participation.

The free thermostat and energy display offer is now closed.

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How the peaksaver program works

When the use of electricity is greatest a signal may be sent to your enrolled appliance to reduce its electricity use.

Central Air Conditioners

  • In the case of your central air conditioner, it may be paused for 18 minutes and released to run for 12 minutes in intervals over a maximum of four hours. The furnace fan will continue to run during this time. Most participants in program pilots noted that they could not feel a noticeable difference in temperature.

Electric Water Heaters

  • In the case of your electric water heater, it may be paused for a maximum of four hours. Your water heater should have a reserve of hot water for your use during this time.

When can my peaksaver devices be activated?

  • Activations only occur on weekdays in the summer from May 1st to September 30th.
  • Activations will not occur on mornings, weekends or holidays.
  • Activations are rare.
  • You can opt out with advance notice by calling 1-866-813-2226.

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