Home Electrical Systems

The diagrams below illustrate the parts of the electricity distribution system that provide power to your home.

Hydro Ottawa-owned overhead power lines are usually not found on private property, but rather run along the road and supply power to multiple customers. Hydro Ottawa is responsible for managing tree trimming on the road allowance.

Though not shown in the diagrams below, if your home is located far into your property from the road allowance and serviced by an overhead connection, you may be required to install poles and wires on your property to carry power to your home. In this case, Hydro Ottawa owns the power line to the first pole located on your property, and you own all power lines beyond the first pole. Customer-owned power lines do not supply electricity to other customers. It is your responsibility to trim trees and vegetation around all poles and power lines located outside of the road allowance, as they direct electricity to your home or buildings on your property.

Use the slider on the illustrations below for an interactive view of the equipment. Moving the slider to the right will highlight all customer-owned equipment in blue. Moving the slider to the left will highlight all Hydro Ottawa-owned equipment in yellow. These pictorial representations are for informational purposes only, and do not replace or override the official standards of the Electrical Safety Authority.


Above Ground Wiring

Above Ground WiringAbove Ground Wiring

Underground Wiring

Underground WiringUnderground Wiring
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