Pool season is over for 2020. As such, we have closed the PoolsaverTM Program.

Make a savings splash! Upgrade your pool pump with a $400 rebate.
Most constant-speed swimming pool pumps run 24/7, often at a higher speed than necessary for the task. That's a big opportunity to save electricity!

Get a $400 rebate
when you replace a constant-speed pump with a variable-speed pool pump.

Rebate will be applied at the time of purchase

Pump must be purchased from and installed by a participating vendor

Benefits of a Variable-Speed Pump

An illustration of saving energy

Saves electricity

A variable-speed pump uses electricity only when needed - up to a 90% reduction!

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Quieter operation

Near-silent performance will keep your poolside peaceful.

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Lasts longer

Not running a pump at full speed, 24/7 will help keep equipment lasting longer.


To qualify, participants must:

  • be a residential customer of Hydro Ottawa;
  • own an inground swimming pool with a constant-speed pool pump motor;
  • purchase a qualifying variable-speed pool pump from a participating pool pump vendor;
  • have the variable-speed pool pump installed by the participating vendor or the vendor's contracted installer.


Interested in becoming a vendor?  Contact us at [email protected].

All participating vendors must be a member of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada.

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Savings may vary. This Save on Energy program is offered by Hydro Ottawa in collaboration with the Independent Electricity System Operator. TMSave on Energy Community Program is a trademark adopted and used by the Independent Electricity System Operator and is used here under license. TMPoolsaver is a trademark of Toronto Hydro Corporation. Used under license.

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