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Managing your Hydro Ottawa Account during a Postal Disruption

Planned power outage for 48,000 customers

Less than one thousand customers without power after devastating tornadoes

165,000 customers restored as Hydro Ottawa crews, assisted by contractors and Alectra Utilities make significant progress

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Winter poses even more danger for our crews who work on the lines and underground. They face cold temperatures, sli…
@hydroottawa - 3 days ago
Do you already have a smart speaker at home, like #AmazonEcho or #GoogleHome? Or maybe you're gifting (or asking fo…
@hydroottawa - 3 days ago
Nous étions heureux d'y participer! Bravo à tous! #ottville
@hydroottawa - 3 days ago
Did you know that when you call us, our self-serve technology can identify your voice and provide you instant acces…
@hydroottawa - 3 days ago