12 podcast episodes to energize your mind

Hydro Ottawa’s ThinkEnergy podcast looks at emerging trends and technologies, featuring conversations with fascinating experts in the fast-changing world of energy. Here we’ve gathered a selection of our favourite episodes featuring local, national and international guests who share their expertise, passion and knowledge on everything from e-bikes, district and renewable energy, EVs and much, much more.

Working our way to the top, here are our favourite episodes from 2020:

12. Net-zero homes are the future

If the Wizard of Oz was remade for the 21st century, Dorothy might now declare: there’s no place like a net-zero home. In this episode, Kevin Lee – CEO of the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) - tells us what it means for a home or building to be “net-zero” and what the CHBA is doing to make net-zero homes an affordable reality for current and aspiring homeowners.

11. Ottawa’s first district energy community

What happens when you use a network of hot and cold water pipes, bury them underground, and then use them to efficiently heat and cool buildings – or even whole communities? In this episode, Jeff Westeinde, President of Zibi Canada, shares his passion for environmental sustainability, designing communities to support One Planet Living, and leveraging age-old systems like district energy as a means of achieving a zero carbon footprint.

10. Canada’s decarbonisation: the future is electric

What will Canada’s electricity future look like, and who is at the helm of its metamorphosis? To help us better understand this complex topic, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, Francis Bradley, weighs in on how the electricity landscape is transforming as consumer demands evolve, new technologies emerge, and climate change rises in priority. 

9. Is it an uphill climb for e-bikes?

When we talk about the electrification of transportation, we tend to think about electric vehicles or light rail transit. But there’s another sub-genre of electric transportation that is rapidly growing in popularity: e-bikes. In this episode, Seth Weintraub, an award-winning tech journalist and blogger, helps us understand why they’re one of the greenest transportation options today.

8. Ottawa to reduce GHG emissions by 2050

Roughly 50 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada are from municipalities. In this episode, Andrea Flowers from the City of Ottawa tells us all about the steps that Ottawa is taking through its Energy Evolution action plan to reduce GHG emissions in the community by 100 per cent by 2050.

7. Ottawa’s electric vehicle adoption starts with EV infrastructure

As electric vehicles (EVs) earn the spotlight as an impactful step towards environmental sustainability, what can municipalities, electric utilities and oil companies do to support a true EV movement in Canada? Jim Pegg from Envari Energy Solutions, shares his expertise on what will be necessary to encourage EV adoption while ensuring a smooth transition.

6. Canada’s untapped waterpower potential 

Waterpower is Canada’s most abundant source of clean and renewable electricity. In fact, because of this, Canada is the second largest generator of hydroelectricity in the world. So, what are the plans for growth and what influence does it have on the world stage? Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin, President and CEO of WaterPower Canada, helps demystify the water industry.

5. When mother nature strikes

Joseph Muglia isn’t your average Joe. In fact, he’s the Director of System Operations & Grid Automation at Hydro Ottawa. In this episode, Joseph joins Dan to talk about what happens behind the scenes when a storm approaches and how crews, on and off the field, are working hard to keep the power on – before, during and after Mother Nature strikes.

4. Why the renewable energy sector needs more women

Diversity and inclusion are key drivers of innovation and success in the workplace. In an innovative field like renewable energy, how can the industry attract talent? Joanna Osawe, President & CEO of Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE), shares how her organization is supporting women seeking education and employment in the renewable energy sector.

3. Keeping kids safe around electricity

Have you ever smelled a pickle after it has been electrocuted? Maybe not, but your kids probably have! Electricity is an important part of our day-to-day lives, but it can also be very dangerous. To help educate kids on electrical safety, Hydro Ottawa offers a free in-school program that offers fun and engaging presentations to kids from JK to grade 8. Pickles included! 

2. Going hands-free with autonomous vehicles

Have you ever dreamed of the day your car can drive itself? The accelerating rate of research and development in automation and artificial intelligence indicates that this dream may soon become a reality. The Head of Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network *brakes* down the different levels of autonomous vehicles and the incredible opportunities behind developing this technology.

1. The growth of Canada’s renewable energy industry

In this episode, Brandy Giannetta, Senior Director at Canadian Renewable Energy Association, discusses renewable sources of energy and the realistic strategies for increasing Canada’s supply to permanently replace the country’s remaining carbon-intensive energy sources.

We hope these episodes get you energized for 2021 and thinking about all the ways energy plays an important part in our lives. We have some fantastic guests lined up this year to talk about the electrification of Ottawa’s public transportation, Canada’s nuclear power, and much more. 

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