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On average, 93 million selfies are taken worldwide each day. An experienced, selfie-taking millennial will tell you that not all selfies are created equal. The average ‘spontaneous’ selfie takes 12 minutes. Other than a quick teeth, makeup and hair check, your surroundings are just as important - this includes background, bystanders and the perfect light source.

Late last year, a New York student brought his own lighting to his senior yearbook photo because the photographer’s lighting equipment was not sufficient. His school photos went viral – he was retweeted 30,000 times and liked by more than 78,000 users. This landed him celebrity acclaim and the role of CoverGirl’s first CoverBoy.


Other than selfies, lighting plays a crucial role in most daily activities and should not be overlooked in a home or a business. From morning routines like applying makeup and selecting matching socks to evening rituals like cooking the family dinner and relaxing with loved ones, the right LED light bulb can make all the difference.


 Pinty's Concourse

Hydro Ottawa, as the Official Energy Conservation Sponsor of the Ottawa 67’s, REDBLACKS and Fury sports teams, installed interactive lighting at TD Place to demonstrate the versatility of lighting and why lighting matters.

In Pinty’s Lounge, the lighting demonstrates the range of colour temperatures available. “Each colour serves a purpose. It’s about knowing what’s available and testing what works best for a space”, says Hydro Ottawa’s Energy Coach, Shane LaBrash.


In the Women’s washroom next to Pinty’s Lounge, lighting controls were installed so that visitors can find their perfect light.

 Soft Lighting


Warm/Soft White can often be found in bedrooms and living rooms. It’s designed to mimic traditional, incandescent light bulbs which can provide a relaxing environment.


 Bright White Light


Cool/Bright White is in the middle of the lighting spectrum and is often used in work spaces. You can find these in kitchens and bathrooms.


 Daylight Lighting


Daylight is designed to mimic natural light. This colour temperature can be used to match the existing sunlight that is coming through a window or to compensate for a lack of natural light. Generally, it’s recommended for garages and workshops when a clear view of fine detail is important.




Use this guide to help choose the right light for your space.


To learn more about LED lighting, visit hydroottawa.com/tips.

Lansdowne Park took the same approach to lighting when retrofitting its underground garage.

Cool/Bright White fixtures were installed to create an inviting and safe space. Not only has this increased visibility in the space, but LED technology offers the ability to see truer colours. Red and blue are more visible which is important for retail directions and security signage. To learn more about Lansdowne’s LED lighting, watch the video below.


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