A Career in the Trades

When people think of skilled trades, there are a few that immediately come to mind.  But did you know there are more than 200 designated trades in Canada?

Hydro Ottawa depends on the skills of our trades employees, who play a critical role in making it possible for electricity to power homes and businesses across the city. From working in our underground system splicing cable as a Cable Jointer to stringing line for our overhead distribution system as a Powerline Maintainer, no day is ever like the one before it.  Our employees tell us that’s part of what they love about working at Hydro Ottawa.

As we look to shaping a new generation of talent within the electricity sector, we’re particularly proud of our apprenticeship programs at Hydro Ottawa. In fact, more than 21% of our trades workforce is made up of apprentices!

Our apprenticeships offer aspiring trades workers a unique opportunity to learn about their chosen field, and an ideal point of entry to the Hydro Ottawa community. Our apprentices learn directly from our employees, respected as some of the best in the industry. Our journeypersons support and mentor apprentices throughout their program to ensure that they continue to learn and stay safe. We focus on providing apprentices with hands-on work experience so that they can be fully prepared when they become journeypersons themselves.

Visit the Skilled Trades Ontario for more information.

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