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Join the hundreds of students and new graduates who are growing their careers at Hydro Ottawa.

We know that building a strong pipeline of talent for the future is crucial to the exponential growth our sector is experiencing as we decarbonize and electrify our communities. 

At Hydro Ottawa, we are firmly committed to engaging young people as part of that pipeline. We proudly partner with a number of educational institutions that span the entire educational system - from elementary to post-secondary – reaching students at critical points in their decision-making about careers.

Our youth-oriented employment initiatives have earned us recognition as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People for many years. We work to provide students with meaningful and interesting job opportunities, which will help us meet the challenges that are upon us. It’s a win-win situation.

Engineering Graduates

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Hydro Ottawa engineer working

As the electricity sector works to respond to climate change, we find ourselves in a transformative period that requires creative solutions, innovation and forward thinkers. 

While Hydro Ottawa tackles its own ambitious commitment to transition towards net-zero operations by 2030, we look to our engineers to lead the way to a smart energy future.

Our unique Engineering Intern Training and Development Program focuses on developing engineering graduates to facilitate their acquisition of the P. Eng designation, using criteria defined by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Investing in engineering graduates is important to us, as is ensuring that these emerging professionals forge a lasting relationship with Hydro Ottawa. 

Educational Placements: Co-ops and Internships

Hydro Ottawa Co-op students
Information session

Throughout the year we offer competitively paid co-op/internship placements to students who are mentored by our resident experts in their field of study.

Regular opportunities exist throughout the year for students in engineering, engineering technology, finance, supply chain management, human resources, IT, cybersecurity and much more. These opportunities offer students valuable hands-on work experience that provide them a better understanding of their field of interest/work, and helps them prepare for their careers.

Interested? Speak to your co-op office, career centre or guidance counsellor about applying for one of our co-op placements or internships. We welcome new inquiries!

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