Hydro Ottawa reminds residents to keep crews safe - 4:00 PM UPDATE

May 31, 2022

OTTAWA – As crews work on the final restoration process, Hydro Ottawa reminds residents that crews are working under trying and difficult circumstances and their safety and yours is paramount. 

When around our power line construction and maintenance crews, follow these tips to ensure both your safety and that of the crews:

  • Give crews the space they need to work safely.
  • Follow signage and instructions from workers. This is especially important even when there are no workers at the site, as the equipment itself may still pose hazards.
  • If you are on foot, walk in designated areas. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable walking through a construction site, ask for assistance.
  • If you are in a vehicle, drive in designated areas, slow down when driving past crews, and be sure to keep a safe distance away from crew members.
  • Keep well away from all equipment, especially while it is being operated.
  • Crews operate day and night in all weather conditions when responding to emergencies. If you encounter one of our crews at night or in hazardous weather, be sure to take extra precautions.

At this time, power has successfully been restored to 98 per cent of customers impacted by the May 21 storm.

Residents who remain without power can now consult the outage map to find out their estimated day of restoration. Anyone out of power that doesn’t see their street captured on the map is advised to report it through the 24/7 outage line at 613 738-0188 or online.

As power is being restored, Hydro Ottawa is reminding residents to conserve their use of energy and avoid turning on all electronics and appliances to avoid impacting the electricity supply. We also ask residents to be patient as we reconnect those remaining without power across the city. In some instances, customers with power may experience temporary power interruptions as we restore power to those in your neighbourhood or adjacent streets that are still without power. 

Restoration and safety information

  • To understand if you may need to make repairs caused by damage to customer-owned equipment at your residence prior to being reconnected, call 613 738-6418 or visit our Home Electrical Systems and Electrical Service Repair pages. 
  • If customers in these communities notice downed power lines in their backyard or neighbourhood - please stay at least 10 metres (the length of a school bus) away from the wires and from any objects that are in contact with the lines such as trees. If there is a downed power line, please report it to our 24/7 Outage Line at 613 738-0188 or online.
  • Hydro Ottawa is working with the City of Ottawa to ensure that those affected by extended power outages get the help they need. The City has opened several emergency reception centres. Visit the City of Ottawa’s Emergency Preparedness page for an expanded list.  
  • As a reminder, if customers were cooking when the power went out, turn off the stove, oven or other cooking appliances. 
  • As power is being restored, Hydro Ottawa reminds residents to conserve their use of energy and avoid turning on all electronics and appliances to avoid impacting the electricity supply.
  • Turn off all lights, unplug appliances and electronics, and turn down heating system thermostats. This will help avoid a power surge when electricity is restored.
  • Please reserve the use of 911 to situations where there is a risk to public safety, and life-threatening emergencies. 


Media Contact

Josée Larocque
Manager, Media and Public Affairs
Hydro Ottawa
[email protected] 



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