Rate Plan Comparison Tool

If you need help choosing which rate plan works best for you, you can take advantage of our Rate Plan Comparison Tool.

Hydro Ottawa's rate plan comparison tool is available for MyAccount customers and automatically uses your consumption data to show you the electricity cost difference (in percentage) under TOU or Tiered prices for your account.

With this tool, there is no need for you to enter any consumption data or other billing information. Once logged in to your MyAccount, it will automatically generate an estimate and compare electricity costs for you.

NOTE: Currently, the ultra-low overnight (ULO) rates are not available in the MyAccount rate plan comparison tool. While we work on updating our tool to include the new ULO rates, please use the OEB bill calculator to estimate your monthly bill using ULO rates.

Hydro Ottawa's online tool is easy to use. Simply follow these steps:

1 - Log in to MyAccount at hydroottawa.com/myaccount

2 - Choose ‘’Manage Rate Plan’’ option

Manage Rate Plan Screenshot (english)


Note: You must have at least one completed bill for the comparison tool to compare rate plans.

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘’Compare Rate Plans’’ button, MyAccount will present a new screen, showing a bar chart displaying the estimated cost under each plan over a period of one year. 

Over each month an arrow indicator will be displayed to provide a quick visual on the estimated cost impact of switching plans.

In addition, the annual Estimated Impact in terms of the approximate electricity "THE DIFFERENCE" (%) between your "Current Rate Plan" and the "Alternate Rate Plan" (ex: tiered rates versus time-of-use, or vice versa) is also presented.

This estimate is based on TOU and tiered rates that are currently in effect and does not take into account taxes, fixed charges, rebates and or credits.

Rate Comparison Data

You can also download the electricity consumption data that MyAccount used to generate your estimated impact. To download the data, click the "Download Raw Data" button.

Once downloaded, the rate comparison data sheet will display your estimated monthly consumption in kWh, based on the usage information available, show you your estimated electricity consumption costs under TOU and tired rates and "THE DIFFERENCE" ($) between the two rate plans.

Are you looking to make a switch?

If you wish to make a change in your current rate plan, you must complete a rate selection form.

Hydro Ottawa offers different ways to complete the rate selection form.

You can easily complete your form through MyAccount customer portal. It’s quick to submit, and no need to save and send. 

Important things to keep in mind when using the online tools: It’s important to remember that there is no guarantee you will save money if you switch from TOU to tiered rates or vice versa, as the total bill impact of switching will vary depending on how much electricity you actually use in a month and when it is used during the day. Your monthly use and usage pattern may also be different in the winter season than it is in the summer season. Keep in mind the effect of COVID-19 on your electricity use (for instance, you may be working from home when you normally wouldn’t be).

If you are not a MyAccount user, sign-up today at hydroottawa.com/myaccount.

MyAccount customer portal also gives you access to a wealth of information about your Hydro Ottawa account. Get online access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to your account balance, payment history, electricity consumption and more.

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