Merivale Transformer Station Modernization Project

Hydro Ottawa Component: March 2023 - June 2023

Demand for electricity in Ottawa continues to grow and electricity needs in the community are increasing due to planned residential and commercial development. To ensure power is available for customers now and in the future, Hydro One Network Inc. is modernizing its Merivale Transformer Station (TS). Merivale TS is one of two major transformer stations that supply approximately 60 per cent of power to customers across Ottawa, including to Hydro Ottawa. Overall, the project will include a station expansion to increase capacity and the replacement of aging existing infrastructure.

What will Hydro Ottawa’s portion of the project include? 

As part of the overall project, Hydro Ottawa will:

  • Install 5 new Hydro Ottawa owned poles
  • Install 3 precast manholes and approximately 400m of civil structure
  • Install 500m of new underground primary and fiber optic cables
  • Install 6 new anchors and associated guying for pole line support
  • Remove 250m of existing overhead primary cables and fiber optic cable
  • Remove 6 existing poles including framing hardware and anchoring

How will this project benefit Hydro Ottawa customers?

  • Improved reliability of the electricity grid to prevent longer unplanned outages in the future
  • Reduced impact of equipment failure
  • Limited effect of system issues
  • Renewed aging assets across the community
  • Meet a growing demand for electricity in the community
Map of Hydro Ottawa's component of the Merivale Transformer Station modernization project


If you have questions about the project, please email us at [email protected] (Community Relations). 

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